The following FAQ are answered to assist persons interested in a rebuilt unit by exchange.

¤ How much does an Ultramatic weigh?

Net shipping weights are as follows with the torque converter included:

·  1950-1954 all cast iron 275 lbs.

·  1955 cast/aluminum 220 lbs.

·  1956 all aluminum 180 lbs.

¤ How can I save money shipping it to you?

It is possible to lower costs by selecting the trucking company carefully and avoiding home delivery. The trucking companies with terminals in my town are Wilson Freight and Southeastern Freight. By using these trucking companies, only one carrier is necessary and a better rate is given. When two trucking companies are needed, the best rate can be achieved if you find a local trucking firm that will pass off shipments to one of the above local firms if they don't service Virginia themselves.

¤ What about pick-up and delivery?

Trucking companies charge $30-50 for home pick-up and delivery. These costs can be avoided if you take your unit to the terminal near you and ship to the local terminal of Wilson or Southeastern here in Fredericksburg, VA. This is called a "TERMINAL-TO-TERMINAL" shipment.

¤ What are the packaging requirements?

Transmissions are easily shipped on common wood pallets. Most shipping firms have stacks of pallets around and will let you use them at the terminal. Just bring your transmission to the terminal. Once on the pallet, you will need to mount the torque converter into the transmission and wire it to the case to prevent it's falling out. Then rope, wire, or band the unit to the pallet and you're done.

¤ What are the costs of shipping?

It does pay to shop around. Many trucking firms offer a cash discount if you ask for it. In summary, avoid multiple firms if possible, arrange for terminal to terminal shipping, and pay cash if possible. I have sent transmissions to Florida from Virginia for under $100 this way. However, air shipments to Europe run up to $400 or more each way.

¤ What about UPS?

If you broke down the transmission, and sent it in three packages, it could go UPS in an unassembled fashion. Each piece would have to wiped clean of residual oil and leaks would not be acceptable. Also, it must be returned by motor freight as a fully assembled unit.

Call the below freight shipper to find sister companies that they link with in your area and to discuss rates:  

Southeastern Freight 800 282-3274

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