Rebuilding Services

Turnkey Support - Persons who can get their car to me in Virginia can have the whole job done in 30 days when properly arranged. For an additional $700, I will remove your transmission and replace it with a rebuilt unit, adjust the throttle linkage, and road test to ensure your driving pleasure. Depending on your exhaust system, I may need to remove or cut pipes to make the swap and this work could add a bit to the cost. The 1950-54 Ultramatics generally have no charges beyond the R/R charge, but 55-56 with dual exhaust generally needs some moving of the pipes to remove the unit.

Mail Order - I have sent transmissions all over the world. This option works well for persons too far away to bring me their car that can install it themselves. All units are fully reconditioned and tested. I have a pair of 1953 and 1955 Clipper Supers that are used as test cars for units I rebuild. Road testing is the only sure way of knowing the rebuilt unit is satisfactory before shipped out. While I haven't had any problems in the past few years, I will continue to test them this way for added assurance. It is also possible to test drive a transmission before you buy it this way. My price for a rebuilt unit on an exchange basis is $2800. Shipping is extra (see Shipping section in Main Menu).

Note: My price assumes a rebuildable core and torque converter will be exchanged. If the transmission coming out of your car is exchanged, you don't need to worry about a core charge. No unit to exchange….add $800.

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