Inspections required on the 1955 Ultramatic

The below information is applicable to the 1956 Twin also, but the associated problems are chronic on the 1955 Twin.

Parking Pawls - Check the top of the squared locking tooth area for wear. A rounding off of the edge of the tooth will cause the unit to not stay engaged fully and possibly roll out of PARK. These pawls are difficult to find new as NOS at any price. I offer an exchange program on these pawls. I powder weld and grind these back to plan dimensions. $90 exchange.

Parking Pawl Stop Pins - These small pins serve to stop the travel of the pawl. They protrude inward from a hole in the rear of the casing and stop the spring loaded pawl from raising up in the case too far. Often broken and overlooked. $20 each

Inner Levers - These pot metal levers have a steel taper pin that holds it to the selector shaft. Often the threads are stripped and excessive play is noted when assembled. I can modify your lever into a stronger design that will not work loose. Modification of the mating selector shaft is also required. You must also ensure the selector shaft is not bent from excessive force (from being stuck in PARK). Assuming the shaft is reusable and the lever is also reusable, I will modify them both for you for $40 (need both lever and good shaft). New levers without pin (NOS) $30, with pin, nut, and lockwasher $45.

PARK Roller Blocks - Check the small roller shaft fit into this small pot metal block. Often the holes are opened up creating excessive play in operation. The side groove also has an opportunity for wear to occur and excessive travel will result. I make these out of cold steel and they hold up much better in service and help keep you from getting stuck in PARK. $90 includes new bolt/nut for lever too

Selector Shafts - Inspect for straightness by rolling over a flat smooth surface (glass top coffee table works great). Replace if bent. $40

Band Lever Shafts - Check for broken band lever shafts. These generally crack in the machined area under the lever and are also often overlooked. They come in two different sizes, low or reverse applications. $35


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